MOVAÇO is currently one of the most dynamic companies in the metal and mechanical sector specialized in the development of industrial movementation solutions, including in its objectives the commitment of processes and procedures based on the following principles:

Quality policy

Clients satisfaction

Meet the Customers needs and expectations, knowing periodically their satisfaction, to make them loyal.

Effectiveness / Efficiency

Maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and competencies, with the permanent use of the most advanced technological concepts..


Promote a relationship with suppliers / subcontractors based on the fulfillment of the agreed commitments, guaranteeing the necessary synergies to ensure the best solutions.

Environment Policy

Risk Assessment / Environmental Performance

Processes optimization in order to minimize environmental impacts.

Environmental Protection

Promote the natural resources sustainable use and rationalize the consumption of materials and energy.

Pollution prevention

Reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

Adopt best working practices and available technologies, promoting increased environmental and energy efficiency of plant equipment and fleet, aiming at reducing atmospheric emissions.

Principles Common to Policies

Legal Compliance

Comply with legislation, regulations, compliance obligations, and other applicable requirements, appropriate to the purpose and organization context.


Disclose and make available to all relevant Employees and stakeholders their respective policies.

Human Capital Development

To train, sensitize, skills value and motivate employees and all those who perform activities on behalf of Movaço, inducing the adoption of good practices.

Continuous Improvement

Measure, evaluate, review and continuously improve the management systems effectiveness.

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