Work sectors
We work for the mechanical sector in the development of components and handling equipment industry, particularly in the market for glass factories - bottle and glassware (Bath, Hot Zone and Cold Zone), rubber, construction (mortar), primary raw materials and others with automation and robotics, such as ceramics, food and paint.

The movaço is a certified company?
In 2009 the company obtained the certification of its Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 and is now under implementation its Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001.

Markets where we work?
The Movaço operates on the Global market, having solutions installed in four continents:
Europe, Africa, North America and South America

What are our trading partners?
- Soft Glass
- Pulse

How to get information?
We offer a service where the customer can obtain help in the following areas:

Service after sales:

Spare parts / replacement:

Advice in decision making:;;

Clarify any questions:

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