Based on a strong connection to the customer, Movaço ensures the necessary technical assistance to the implemented solutions, answering affirmatively whenever the customer so requires. To ensure our customer’s satisfaction as well our equipment’s full operation, Movaço offers its clients the following services:

Customer oriented solutions
The Movaço has experienced professional teams who are able to help the customer either in project of new and specific solutions or in used equipment restructuring.

Assembly and maintenance
Movaço provides their teams continuous training in order to provide an assembly and maintenance service with a high technical knowledge. The Movaço professionals are able to provide assembly and maintenance services, either in the mechanical, the electrical and the automation area.

Customer Support
Movaço, offers a service where the customer can obtain help in the following areas:

- After sales service
- Spare parts
- Advisement in decision making
- Doubts clarifying

We dispose of:
Engineering office with 12 engineers with experience in different areas; manufacture and assembly supervisors; CAD project - 2D and 3D; Facilities with an area of 5000 m2; Appropriate and updated equipment; Pickling and painting facilities.

Our reference works speak for us.

Turnkey Projects
Feasibility studies; Technical layouts solutions proposals; Overall and detail projects; Structures and equipment manufacture; Global assembly; Power and control electrical switchboards; Electrification - power and control wiring; Software, Commissioning; Training; After-Sales Services.

Always including a HSP study – Health and Safety Plan, with:
Hazard analysis; Possible accident scenario and emergency plan.

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